Design Elevated, Sustainability Celebrated

We are committed to sustainability and are dedicated to creating high-quality posters and products with designs that stand the test of time. We are steadfast in minimizing our environmental impact and are always looking for new and creative ways to improve our sustainability practices. 

All MOTIF STUDIOS products are created and designed with the environment in mind, using materials that are kind to our planet and a manufacturing process that is sustainable. We’re proud to say that our prints are carbon neutral and we use a local printer with an excellent sustainability profile

All posters without frames are packed and shipped in protective tubes that are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Paper 🍃

The choice of paper in print materials plays a pivotal role in reducing our ecological footprint and we chose to print on Munken Kristall paper that is renowned for its exceptional quality and eco-friendly attributes. Choosing to print on Munken Kristall paper not only guarantees a premium print quality but also supports a sustainable future. Derived from responsibly managed forests in Scandinavia, this paper embodies a commitment to forest stewardship and biodiversity preservation. Its production adheres to stringent environmental standards, minimizing water consumption and emissions, and promoting clean energy usage. Arctic Paper, a leading European paper manufacturer and the company behind Munken Kristall, places a strong emphasis on sustainability in its paper production process. They are committed to minimizing their environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of their products.  Furthermore, Arctic Paper employs environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. They prioritize energy efficiency and aim to reduce emissions associated with the production process. This includes efforts to optimize resource usage, reduce water consumption, and minimize waste generation. Additionally, Arctic Paper is committed to transparency and regularly publishes sustainability reports, providing stakeholders with detailed information about their environmental initiatives and performance. They also engage in initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable forestry practices and responsible sourcing of raw materials.