MOTIF STUDIOS is a Stockholm-based design studio established in 2021 by graphic designer and social media manager Natalie Eden that specializes in creating a wide range of high-quality design products including posters, art posters, graphic design, patterns, and modern luxury posters, and other artworks (Coming soon). When launching MOTIF STUDIO a conscious decision was made to not jump on the mass-production bandwagon, The world doesn't need another brand with generic and mass-produced posters that seem to be everywhere, instead, MOTIF STUDIO is committed to authenticity and individuality and strives to create original, beautiful and long-lasting design in every single art-work. 

Posters, wall posters, affischer, wall art, art, Picasso, line art,


At MOTIF STUDIOS, we're passionate about the environment. Our products are carefully crafted with eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes. Our prints are proudly carbon neutral, thanks to our local printer with great sustainability practices. We chose Munken Kristall paper for its exceptional quality and eco-friendly attributes. This paper comes from responsibly managed forests in Scandinavia, and its production meets strict environmental standards, conserving water and energy, and reducing emissions. Arctic Paper, the maker of Munken Kristall paper, prioritizes energy efficiency, minimizes waste, and publishes detailed sustainability reports.

All posters without frames are packed and shipped in protective tubes that are 100% recyclable and reusable. 🍃